The Frame

Life in a hole of hollow expectancy

Shelved in a child’s fantasy

“Up you go,” says the man

Of creamy, slimy, pompous clan

Looking forward to a day

Of heartless, broken, muddy clay

Sounds abound I hear

But upon my return they fade

If only I knew

Never would they smite ‘The Frame’

“What you say?” “What you mean?”

Questions a many, indulgence none

‘The Frame’ vanished in a cult of clerical clowns

Remnants smudged on their gory frowns

Beauty mystified in its purity

Vandalised by their countless obscurities

Feelings procured in a glorious harmonic sound

Just another jewel in their crown


Autumnal Majesty

Pry upon their death wish

My esteemed insolence

Destruction of their bloodlines

Smoothness of my majesty

Wave upon wave of dimensional insanity

Creature of a booming humanity

Runs around the autumn tree

Whistling his life time away

Come upon spring’s misery

Where they call all day long

But the answer remains the same

Don’t come near us again

Rising from the grave

Is the angel of dismay

Neither to cry nor to slay

But to feed on the laughter of insects

Solemn Bay

Salutations, my dear friend

Your ride is here

Sail to the shores afar; in flight

Surrender to your senses, my fallen mate

I cried your name on that day of mourning

But malady grabbed you at solemn bay

The lines on your hand scattered in tandem

Your fate weaved a spider’s web

Now I stand at the altar of morning’s light

To see you fly; cut through the sky

Where I hope to see you again; so soon

My dear friend; you departed too soon

Just a Dogmatic Fib

Life has no origin

History classifies it

The painter holding a brush

Not knowing what to paint next

If only the human mind understood

The relative structure of life

Alas! It’s known only

To the brush of the painter itself

Withhold the lies of the preacher

Withhold the lies of the intellectual

Withhold the lies of the initiated

Till ‘the lie’ becomes a manufactured feeling

Efficiency is a creature of misfortune

Whether it be fascism, communism or capitalism

Simply gather the references

Just go to school kids

Withhold the lies of of the banker

Withhold the lies of the salesman

Withhold the lies of the politician

Until ‘the lie’ becomes a manufactured feeling

The lie…the lie…the lie…the lie

Someone please tell ‘the lie’

Not to become my bitch

Just go and fuck itself

The Silence

Eternal silence – our keeper isolated

Entrenched in stillness of its own existence

Beyond expectations or sentient lies

All alone to our naked eyes

Carries the burden of reality

The reality – void of any certainty

The writer’s pen may run out of words

But the silence; it does not rescind its world

The keeper of space converges on itself

The silence consumes the keeper

For not a day, a month, a year

Is in measure of its term

Seven Times Love

Before we met…

I met you before our reunion by fate
In my dream I tried to hold you one day
Before my life came into being
I held you in my arms one day

I thought of a way out some day
Though unbeknownst to me
The passion just flew in simmering flesh
Saddled by sudden spurts of unrequited desires

And then I found you….

One night I sat in age express
Passed by the world in distress
Images rolled from frame to frame
The whistle-blower finally called my name

Why whistle I asked the whistle-blower
When we are already in motion
Your destination is here he responded
And the train stopped with a sudden jolt

I stepped outside the train
Into the marshland of conscious graves
Arose from a forgotten tomb
Was the corpse of my former self

It told me of the day I called you
It told me of the day I fell for you
The day I still can’t believe I found you
The day I ran in the dark to call you

You called me instead
You fell for me as well
We talked like we had never talked before
We shared a lot more than we had ever before

The day that I finally met you
The day I saw pain in your eyes
I had never fallen in my life before
Now I knew it was all true

You opened up slowly to me
I opened your bra too soon it seems
You were lost in your foolishness
When I told you I will aid you evermore

I thought I was being nice to you
I thought I just had a liking for you
But our destinies intertwined to become one
Fate had conspired to make us one

We were not aware of such subtleties then
We only found pleasure between ourselves
Suddenly our destination had become one
I still thought that we could not become one

I told you that we will be friends
But you insisted on loving me still
I finally broke down to accept you my love
I finally shed my tears in your love

Our first mistake…

Still I was not aware of love itself
I thought I was alone in my quest
I told you I will see other people
You still supported me for love itself

I was a fool to call them my friends
Who told me to lay low of my loving friend
To tell the truth I never had the guts to tell them off
I never had it in me to be away from you still

Fate intervened again to annul my mistakes
I still thank it for its subtle outrage
And then you were fooled by a friendly hand
You were kissed by a filthy man

Man is the devil in disguise
I knew it from the moment he touched my life
By now you had become my life
By now you had opened your mouth so wide

Our love unashamed….

I remember the days I had you in public places
Our love not ashamed by ugly gazes
We ducked under the prejudice of society
To take off our clothes of impropriety

The separation….

And then your love showed me a higher truth
The one that was bigger than me and you
I tried to understand its essence
And forced you to follow the path it presented

I thought you understood its terms
I was confused and befuddled at first
How could I tell you to follow my steps
When I did not know the exact meaning myself

Your love broiled a raging desire in me
To improve the condition of my fellow beings
My anger must have been too hard to bear
I am sorry for my indiscretions again

But you believed me from time to time
Because deep inside you knew the meaning yourself
And when I departed suddenly my love
You told me not to fall in lust

You told me not to believe in this world
And go to a place of secluded love

I overcame the test of lust
I overcame the test of anger
I overcame my pride and greed
And thought of only you and you my love

Together but far away….

You returned to my wretched life
To tie the knot of worldly rites
Even though our love did not need recognition
But our folks just thought otherwise

And then we started to drift apart
Slowly but steadily we did not think alike
I forsook the world for you
But you accepted the world for yourself

But I don’t want to talk about what happened next
As I love you now and you love me as well
I hope to conquer life with you
I hope to extinguish the blunders of our past

Hope renewed….

Now we hope to start life afresh
And it does not matter if we struggle my friend
Our love is stronger than the will of this world
It will overcome the tribulations of this world

I will never let you fall from grace again
Because I love you too much to let you go through that again
I will be there for you wherever you find yourself
‘cause I will fall in love with you again and again