Call of Lucifer – The Morning Star

Solitude gives birth to sanity. Is life make-believe or does it really exist? If it does exist, then who owns it; God or Lucifer? Lucifer shows us the path to gratification whereas God only promotes torture of flesh and soul. Time illudes us throughout our lives and every single day awaits the same deja vu of departed spirits. I am tired now…I am tired.

Show me life Lucifer

Show me the life…


Man Renewal Syndrome – circa 2560 anno Domini

The dreary nature of everyday life, occurring in front of you in a repeated motion of unscrupulous candour, stinks and rots in the sullied chasms of human hearts. The streaming rigour of an obedient slave to his master oils the engine of modern society.

For years, I served these sellers of men like a dog covered in human waste. Not anymore! My reasons are in conjunction with any man or woman, living or dead, whose capacity for incessant copulation of meandering conjectures has given way to impulsive conditioning of the soul.

Far too long, I have harboured the rotting pit of denial in my heart. Today, I shall revoke its tenancy forever. The circle of derision that I drew around me will forever be forgotten. Today, they will take away my memories; tomorrow, I will create new.

So, go on! Snatch the misery that has plagued my existence for eons. Take away the rising of the sun in the morning. Delete the blanket of stars that envelops the sky at night. I will see them again with a new mind. It is time for me to sleep. It is time to forget.