‘Wayward Lament’


Nothing prepares you for truth’s lasting abuse…
All the lies through reasons meet to create an excuse,
For being led on while you give yourself to someone else,
Now it’s gone and all you are left with is yourself.

Closing all paths to chasten the lies,
Thread the lore and spin my grief
Drive to end with my consent…
But did your lies set us free?

I knew the time and place you turned,
Your eyes grew sore your loins burned,
To seal your thought with every reason,
And justify a sacred treason.

Though my faith and trust grew dull
You never felt the need to say;
“I trust in you I am your soul,
So live in mine till life will hold”.

Instead for months you cut a maze,
And at its mouth you forged a way,
I found the secret to my pain with what you put inside,

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This post is purely for the Blogging 101 class


To whom I am the unknown and the unfamiliar, I shall keep it like that. Instead, I would like to introduce my friend and my muse – the progenitor of the blog Babar’s Musings.

Meet Babar – the musing gnarl. This gnarl is no ordinary gnarl. He has the ability to transform thoughts into words and write them down on a piece of paper (or type more accurately). He is a cultured gnarl. He refrains from devouring human skin or gulping a pint of fresh blood acquired from human tap. Some call him a courteous stiff. Others call him Kermit the hermit in jest.

He can be silly at times but you may also find him brewing philosophical barley in the back garden of his thoughts. He is fiendishly hilarious and monstrously serious. He loves his other gnarl friends but hates their company. He finds the prospect of verbal exchange tiring but finds it hard to put on the brakes when he starts talking. He can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time. He is the epitome of conflicting ideals, stemming from his ebbing and flowing sense of self-worth.

Babar – the musing gnarl – likes one cube of sugar in his tea, well stirred. He seldom takes strolls down the local park to avoid reproach from public. He loves the quintessentially British game of bat and ball; the purveyor of moral character. He adores all things sweet, ranging from chocolate to Dedenne.

He will try to make you laugh. He will try to make you cry. He will try to entertain you. But if he annoys you on occasion, please make an attempt to forgive him. After all….he is merely a musing gnarl 😉